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For me, capturing the memories of a wedding day is one of the greatest priveledges to do as a photographer. It is also something that lies very close to my heart. I love capturing the small little moments on a wedding day which are so many times overlooked. Grandma ironing the bride’s dress in the morning. The kids outside playing in the venue’s duck pond. The  kareoke and board games night with the bridal couple and friends the night before the wedding. There are so much more moments to your wedding day than the moment of walking down the isle. Its a million tiny moments leading up to the one great moment of your day. And I strive to capture them all. I seek out moments which are overlooked but played such a significant role on your day, and capture them for you. 

This is why my style of capture is called ‘documentary style’. I am like a fly on the wall during your wedding day. My capture style also focuses to document an authentic moment, that focuses on the ‘feeling’ more than it does on perfection. 

I am proud to say that since 2020, I offer both photographic and video capture packages for my wedding packages. Below you will find some of my rates, but I do want to encourage you to reach out to me via my contact form so that we can chat about your wedding day capture needs 🙂 





available packages

(Limited Availability in 2023)

photo capture

Starting at ZAR15 000

video capture

Starting at ZAR16 500

video + photo capture

Starting at ZAR27 500

elopement capture

proposal capture

Authentic Storytelling, capturing the moment as it unfolds


My door is always open and so is my email inbox. I look forward to meeting you via digital channel and have a cup of tea with you, Kindly leave your contact details here so that I can get in touch with you to discuss your project or capture needs. Also remember to give me as much information possible about your needs so that I can prepare for our tea meeting!